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【素粒子】3.5keVのX線の起源、ダークマター消滅に基づく新理論の結果とほぼ一致 候補はステライルニュートリノ

Cosmic x-rays may provide clues to the nature of dark matter
According to common theory, dark matter must exist because otherwise stars would not continue to rotate around the center of their galaxies as they in fact do. Among the particularly favored candidates for dark matter are so-called weakly interacting massive particles,
or WIMPs. Researchers are searching for these in the Italian Gran Sasso underground laboratory, for example.
But recent scientific publications in the field of astroparticle physics are increasingly taking the view that WIMPs are unlikely to be viable prospects when it comes to dark matter.
"We, too, are currently actively on the search for possible alternatives," said Professor Joachim Kopp of Mainz University.


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